Yoga Nidra as a Primary Practice


Course Length: 6 Weeks
Sessions Meet: Once per Week
Sessions length: 1.5 hours
Start Date: Ongoing
Tuition: $250 for all 6 sessions, or $225 each if you sign up with a friend
Course Materials: All audio files and handouts for home use included at no extra charge

Why Learn Yoga Nidra?

Many folks believe yoga nidra is primarily a relaxation technique. But physical relaxation and the development of effortless awareness are not the same thing. Yoga nidra is a systematic method of complete physical, mental & emotional relaxation that can transform your outlook on life.  While yoga nidra starts with physical relaxation, it's real aim is to eliminate the causes of stress in your life — unresolved emotions and ungrounded beliefs and attitudes. Taught in this manner, Yoga nidra is a form of deeply healing self-therapy, not simply a relaxation response. Yoga nidra allows you, through the development of studied effortlessness, to access, control, and direct your mental and emotional energies. What could be more important? 

The Practice of Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a set of relaxation, concentration, and meditation techniques.  In Yoga Nidra you simply rest comfortably on the floor and follow a voice that guides you to ever-deeper states of relaxation and awareness. It is a bridge between obsessions with the outside world and the tranquility of the inner world.  As such the practice moves from physical relaxation to effortless concentration to dream-like states.  From this place of deeply relaxed awareness, it is possible to rewire the unconscious to energize your life. So if you have something you are trying to achieve in your life, some physical, emotional, mental or spiritual goal you’re shooting for, the regular practice of Yoga Nidra can make sure it happens — by giving up effort.

What people are saying about the course  Yoga Nidra is both a group experience and a deeply personal exploration; in addition to a deep relaxation, everyone takes away something relevant to moving their life forward from the class. Some testimonials:

“Thanks to your workshop, I’ve been able to develop an awareness of and act on my gut feelings regarding emotional boundaries in relationships during the last few weeks.”

“To have a structure to follow for relaxation and to accomplish a goal is very valuable.”

“It is easier for me to focus on daily activities and easier to fall asleep when I practice Yoga Nidra.”

“I’m enjoying this experience. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.”

How to prepare The practice is done reposed comfortably on the floor. Please do not eat a heavy meal or consume coffee or other stimulants close to class time as these may render the body unable to go deeply into the practice.


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