Get Into Yoga

There's no time like the present. This 8-week practicum / in-home immersion is a transformative experience of simple yet powerful Yogic techniques that lead to increased flexibility, strength, emotional balance, and psychological insight. You will finish the training equipped with a short home practice appropriate to your current needs and in possession of the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to continue and deepen your practice both at home and in a StudioYoga setting of your choice.

Course Title: Get Into Yoga
Course Length: 8 Weeks
Sessions Meet: Once per Week
Sessions length: 2 hours
Course Instructor: Bradd Graves
Start Date: Ongoing starting the first of each month
Tuition: $299

Gain a firm foundation in the basic yogic techniques of breath, body, thought, and personal ecology that are key to getting the most out of Yoga. This training course is designed as experiential study to gain proficiency in basic yoga techniques that every beginner needs to know to practice safely and effectively according individual needs. These techniques, simple and authoritative though they are, are generally not taught in StudioYoga, which typically limits itself to the physical only.

Lean the components of a well-rounded Yoga practice from the start:


  1. The Major Postures used in StudioYoga (plus some that aren't) covering alignment, spinal action, major muscle groups, bones and joints, passive and active stretching techniques, and practice variations: dynamic vs static.
  2. Simple yet powerful pranayamas: Wave Breath, Ocean Breath, Kapalabhati, and Alternate Nostril Breathing, as well as how to apply the breath in poses to fine tune their impact.
  3. Yogic Techniques for the Mind that combine breath, sound, and visualization to develop concentration, focus, clarity, and equanimity.
  4. Body/Mnd Ecology from an Ayurvedic perspective, particularly regarding food intake and lifestyle choicies, has a tremendous impact on your success in Yoga. Learn the herbal, dietary, and attitudinal approaches to Yoga best suited for your individual constitution and goals.
  5. How to keep going once the course is completed.
    Online resources for yoga postures, stretching techniques, and ayurvedic herbs & theory. Advice about which local yoga studios are offering the sort of yoga you could benefit from, including the lowdown on different yoga styles: strengths, weaknesses, results, and risk factors.

How it works:

This course systematically teaches the elements of a well-rounded beginner's yoga practice. Class size is limited to 4 persons to allow for individual attention. Because each class builds on knowledge and technique introduced in the previous class, for best results, plan to attend each one.

  • The group meets one evening per week, from 7p to 9p.
  • You commit to a short daily practice based on techniques given at the weekly session, which will require between 10 to 30 minutes of your time.
  • Videos on the techniques will be available online for the duration of the course (and several weeks after).
  • Each week a group online hour of chat is held to field any questions or difficulties that arise with the week's practice.

Call Bradd at 720 227 1890.

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