Corporate Yoga skill in Action

Skill in Action

Corporate yoga is not studio yoga. Developing the strength, energy, and fluidity of mind to handle yourself well in everyday life is Skill in Action. Doesn't that strike you as a more appropriate goal for a corporate yoga program? Heretic yoga techniques (derived from vyayama, yogasynergy, and shadow yogas) deliver Skill in Action, yet are deceptively simple. They involve more natural flowing, twisting, and reaching movements than standard yoga asanas. Heretic yogas feel more akin to dance than a workout. Some movements are soft and caressing; others are strong and assertive. By using the breath to animate the precise yet fluid movements, students develop intense awareness, concentration, and calm. On the physical side, the aim is to open and energize all the joints from the tips of the fingers to the ankles and toes, and free the spine of tension. These yoga techniques can get results in as little as one half hour a day, do not require a mat, special clothing, or extreme flexibility, and can be done in any open space, inside or out.

Prevention of Injuries

Alternative yoga techniques help prevent repetitive injuries. Office work entails repetitive stress on many parts of the body, particularly the fingers, hands and wrists, the shoulder girdle, the neck and the eyes, as well as the hips and the lower back. These yoga techniques focus on restoring mobility and lightness to all these areas, as well as energizing the spine. Standard yoga, on the other hand, concentrates on big muscle stretches.

Postural Issues 
Here's a video from a charming Australian chiropractor named Fleur advising proper ergonomic posture. She makes a lot of good points regarding proper posture such as the need to contract the stomach slightly while sitting, to maintain open and easy breathing, and to keep the spine in its natural curvatures. Unfortunately most folks do NOT have relatively tension-free spines, shoulder blades, and hips, or even sufficient abdominal strength and breath awareness to sit properly for extended periods of time. Just telling people how to do something will not make it happen. Heretic yogas provide the inner ergonomics — the body awareness, strength, joint mobility, breath awareness, and concentration necessary to carry out good intentions.

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photo credit: Bradd Graves