Discipline, Equanimity, & Right Action

Skill in Action. 3Gems offers personalized yoga training that opens professionally minded people to their greatest possibilities. VyaVinyasa’s focus on opening and energizing the upper body (hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, spine and hips), on continuous breath-infused whole-body movement that develops functional mobility, energy, concentration, and brainpower makes it an ideal practice for professionals who want a yoga practice that supports their work. As a fusion of Indian Chi Gung and Yogasana techniques, VyaVinyasa's focus is not so much stretching-to-the-limit as it is developing the strength, energy, mobility, and inner power to handle yourself superbly moment-to-moment in everyday life — Skill in Action. VyaVinyasa can get results in as little as one half hour a day, does not require a mat or special clothing or extreme flexibilty, and can be done in any open space, inside or out.

Skill in Action

The practice of VyaVinyasa immediately and directly improves your performance in life." he ability to effectively achieve goals requires a deft and simultaneous manipulation of thought, speech, and action. Many people experience this state when engaged in some activity they love and call it “being in the flow.” The yogic phrase for this state is “Skill in Action.” To remain in this state of flow, we must establish an inner stillness and concentration that remains in place at all times, not just when we are engaged in an activity we happen to love. The practice of VyaVinyasa mimics the flow of life. The constant use of the breath to animate precise yet fluid movement requires intense concentration. Some movements are soft and caressing; others are strong and assertive. There are moments of rapid movement and moments of absolute stillness. This is how life is. Learning to attend to the present moment, to select and modulate your response to changing environmental conditions is the very definition of flow. The intense, immersive practice provided by the regular practice of VyaVinyasa brings the ability to flow through your life with confidence, equanimity, and ease.

Preventing Injuries

VyaVinyasa specifically corrects imbalances caused by working at computers for extended periods of time.
VyaVinyasa for professionals focuses on the parts of the body that computer-based work is hardest on; particularly the fingers, hands and wrists, the shoulder girdle and neck, and the hips and the lower back.

  • Inner Ergonomics: It's not just about learning the correct posture. Correct posture requires a certain amount of strength as well as openness in the hips, lower back, and abdominal area.
  • Repetitive Strain (RSI), Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis: In VyaVinyasa, the hands are central to the practice. The hands, fingers, and wrists are constantly flexing and rotating throughout the practice. There are also specific exercises devoted to keeping this area of the body strong, flexible, and alive with energy.
  • Squating, LIfting, Bending, Reaching, Balancing, Twisting:  These are the whole-body movements we need to do everyday. As a practice of functional mobility, VyaVinyasa mimics these real-life actions, and includes the stance work required for lifting objects and squatting with comfort, safety, and stability.
  • Sitting Posture: All VyaVinyasa classes include sitting concentration or meditation practice where correct posture is directly experienced.
  • Democratic: Because we focus on functional mobility -- movements required for everyday living -- VyaVinyasa works for everyone regardless of age, size, level of flexibility, or current physical condition.

Inner vs. Outer Ergonomics
Here's a video from a charming Australian chiropractor named Fleur advising proper ergonomic posture. She makes a lot of good points such as the need to contract the stomach slightly while sitting, to maintain open breathing, and to keep the spine straight. Unfortunately, the assumption that most people have relatively tension-free spines, shoulder blades, and hips, as well as sufficient abdominal strength and breath awareness, is not true. Just telling people how to do something will not make it happen. VyaVinyasa provides the inner ergonomics — the body awareness, strength, joint mobility, breath awareness, and concentration necessary to carry out good intentions.

Rates for Corporate Engagements
Courses for the workplace are structured to prevent common injuries and ailments caused by office work through developing "inner ergonomics," to improve emotional outlook of participants and to sharpen their focus and performance. 

Free − Initial Consultation

$75 − 30  minute session

$120 − one-hour session at your location

Discounted rates are available for longer commitments. 

photo credit: Bradd Graves