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Affordable Privates LotusAffordable Privates Lotus13Gems offers wholistic yogic solutions to issues you deal with every day. Meeting at your home or my private yoga space, we explore how best to bring more stillness, strength, and conviction to your daily activities. Since yoga offers a vast array of techniques, the guidance of an experience practitioner is of immense value that can save you— quite literally — years of misapplied effort, frustration, and possible injury. 3Gems is committed to helping you develop sets of customized practice techniques that you can deploy at home as well as in a studio and thus optimize your efforts at this particular stage of your life.

And All Without Breaking the Bank

What's Included in Private Yoga?

The full support and sincere attention of an experienced yoga practitioner

Affordable Privates BraddBack in ’06 after years of practice in commercial studio yogas that lead nowhere, I was looking to get my exercise somewhere else. But on a last-chance whim I googled "yoga teacher training" and stumbled upon a 5-day event in something called “Vinyasa Krama” with some random guy who, as it turned out, was a life-long practitioner who knew a thing or two about yoga as a transformational practice. Since then I've been hanging out exclusively with life-long practitioners in a variety of styles and settings, from the left coast to the mountains of Colorado to the south of Spain and the banks of the Ganges. Via the internet, too. Yet techniques and concepts learned from any source are not really yogic until you make them your own through daily practice at home, often guided at first, but in the end self-directed and exploratory. What I offer is personal inspiration and professional guidance in developing the techniques and awareness to make intelligent and rewarding choices in your yoga practice.

Breath-based asana that develops energy and equanimity 

Affordable Privates AsanaStudio yoga focuses narrowly on flexibility and muscle strength. These two important factors are shared with most sports, but sport performance is not the purpose of yoga. Yoga offers a multitude of techniques that change the character of asana practice from sport to mindfulness. For example, moving slowly with control, with fewer postures, noticing the effects of slight shifts in anatomical positioning, using different breath techniques to create different effects, and engaging bandha (energy channeling locks) are all techniques that transform the effect of any posture. At 3Gems learning to move from the breath, not merely time the breath with movement, is an indication of advanced yoga, and it doesn't require extremely flexibility. Placing breath before movement keeps stillness at the center of your practice.

Vyayam, Shadow, and Yogasynergy Yogas: An alternative yogaverse of fluid, twisting movements

Affordable Privates VyayamThese preliminary yogas counterbalance the linear, somewhat rigid systems which are dominant in the studio yoga industry. They employ movements that focus primarily on big muscle groups, joint mobility, muscle activation biomechanics, and low-to-the-ground movement. Open your ankles, fingers, wrists, feet and toes as well as your hips, shoulder girdle and spine, and develop fluidity of movement, proprioception, and functional mobility. Build strength, especially in the legs, hips and abdomen. Learn to combine marma (Indian acupressure points) with asana, and practice the most important seated positions such as padmasana and bharadvajasana.

Custom-purpose techniques and approaches not found in studio yoga classes

Affordable Privates TreeAs wonderful as asana as a physical discipline can be, it is only one technique among many. Why is mitahara, the "controlled intake of substances" one of the most important factors of success in Yoga? Why are alternate nostril breathing and holding the breath out considered the most important pranayamas for westerners? What is Prana, anyway? How and why does one practice withdrawal of  the senses (pratyahara)?  What is the Ayurvedic concept of dosha, and why is important for developing a home practice?

A Sustained, Self-Directed Yoga Practice (at home or in a studio)

Affordable Privates stillnessA sustained, self-directed yoga practice takes time to develop. How do you approach individual postures that seem beyond your reach? How do you perform the postures in a safe manner? How do you choose which postures to practice? In what sequence? At what pace? Factors to consider are the physiology of the pose, the energetic and mental/emotional effects it engenders, and how to modify these effects by modulating breath, bandha, effort, and length of hold, among other factors.

Affordable Privates in a Package

lotusBlack1lotusBlack1Package pricing rewards commitment and frequency of practice, which are the keys to transforming your life for the better. As commitment and frequency increase (up to 2 months twice a week), the cost per hour drops dramatically. And because all sessions are 1.5 hours in length with specific home practices given in between, we get more done with the least amount of disruption to your schedule. Sessions at your home save you the considerable time and headache of commuting in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions. And it also means you are more likely to stick with the program because a real human will show up at your door at the appointed time. On the other hand, sessions in my private space (The Yoga Cave) means all you have to do is show up. Those with limited space or a hectic home environment may find this the best option. 

Affordable Privates Twice a Week

3 hours per week
over the specified time period

Best for beginning to intermediate students, those in need of structure, and those simply looking for faster results.

At Your Home
Twice a Week

4 sessions. 06 hrs. 2 wks: $360 ($60/hr)

8 sessions. 12 hrs. 1 mo. $660 ($55.00/hr)

16 sessions. 24 hrs. 2 mos. $1200.00 ($50.00/hr)

Affordable Privates Once a Week

1.5 Hours per Week
Over the specified time period

Best for those with severe time constraints, who are complementing other physical or meditative practices, or who are more self-directed.

At Your Home
Once a Week

4 sessions. 06 hrs. 1 mo. $390 ($65/hr)

8 sessions. 12 hrs. 2 mo. $720 ($60.00/hr)

16 sessions. 24 hrs. 3 mos. $1320.00 ($55.00/hr)

Flexibility in Scheduling

Each package represents a commitment to yourself as well as to the instructor. Clients are asked to put the agreed-upon dates on their calendars and keep to the twice-a-week schedule for the duration of the package. Yet despite the best of intentions, life happens, so flexibility is built into the longer packages. Note that other than emergencies, 24-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule a session without forfeiting the session.
  • When sessions fall on national or religious holidays, the client may keep the schedule, reschedule or cancel without forfeiting the session.
  • 8-session packages allow for one cancellation or rescheduling of a session "just because" without forfeiting the session with 24 hour notice.
  • 16-session packages allow for two such "just because" cancellations or reschedulings without forfeiting the session with 24 hour notice.
  • Emergencies, illness, or work demands may on occasion require canceling or rescheduling a session. 24 hour notice is not always possible in such cases, but with prompt notification reasonable allowances will be made.