As creatures of fire, our health and happiness depend upon every aspect of our lives burning brightly and consistently with clarity, light & balance. Intrigued? →

homeIconsyin-yangFor Balanced Living
Balanced living means being composed, comfortable, responsive, satisfied, and creative in any given situation. It is “living life to the fullest,” “Rolling with the punches” and the proverbial “Stairway to Heaven” all rolled into one.   Read more
For Late Adulthood For Late Adulthood
Older adults need to preserve energy, to keep the body balanced, the bones strong, and the mind active and alert. As youth’s vitality begins to diminish, exercise to replenish it is more essential than ever. Because Happy Vyayama focuses on functional mobility and deep breathing, it is one of the best ways to keep yourself vibrantly alive.  Read more
dollarBagFor Professionals
VyaVinyasa’s focus on opening and energizing the upper body (hand, wrist, shoulders, neck, & spine), and on breathwork that develops concentration and increases brainpower makes it an ideal practice for time-conscious professionals who want their exercise to come to them. Read more
Classes in DenverClasses & Courses
One size does NOT fit all in classical Yoga or Ayurveda. That’s why 3Gems offers a fusion of styles & techniques to meet different needs, goals, & environments. Classes and courses are available in the Denver area for individuals and groups with the desire to accelerate their success in both life and career. Read more